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Sightseeing in the town of Melnik

Мелнишки земни пирамиди Роженски манастир манастирски двор Манастир

Melnik pyramids earth - these are the rock formations in the southwestern slopes of Pirin mountain. With its various shapes and lines resemble rock mushrooms, swords, obelisk, buy hay. Pyramids are quite impressive near Karnalovo - with a height of 100 m and vertical slopes bare. They are well traveled tourist site, among them is the cultural and historical reserve Melnik.

Rozhen monastery is situated near the village southwest Rozhen of 4.5 kilometers northeast of the town Melnik. Fire at the end of XVII century monastery damaged buildings. In excavations in the monastery courtyard found coins and jewelry from the time of the Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Paleolog. Rozhen monastery represents irregular hexagon whose sides (wings monastery) closed little patio. In the courtyard is located the main church. The main monastery gate in the eastern part of the monastery yard and before it displays the path that comes from the village Rozhen.

City History Museum in Melnik - Pashova is a house built in 1815 The museum consists of stone and landed not too strong a gym floor (8 rooms total). The ground floor of the museum is shown the main occupation of this city and region - wine from Melnik vine. Are exposed pictures Melnik cellars, barrels and more. Associated with processing and storage of Melnik wine. Historical Museum holds a rich collection, tasting life in the Renaissance.

Hours: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 hours without a day off.

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